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Our Goals and Mission

Why We Do What We Do

Our theater is unique in that we accept all children without auditions and with no stage experience required. Our most heartfelt aspiration is to teach every child to present themselves on stage, control and manifest their emotions, expand their worldview and realm of possibility, and give them a class to which they will look forward at any time of day or night, where they are understood, heard, and allowed to be themselves. Theater is a singular opportunity to jointly develop leadership and cooperative skills, while simultaneously learning to understand and shape one’s own individuality, as well as perfecting one’s control over their body and mind in all circumstances. And of course, one of our goals is the preservation of Russian language - many of our actors could not read Russian before joining the theater.


Who We Are

The Boston public has long been familiar with the Alma Mater Studio Youth Theater. This year, the theater celebrates its 10 year anniversary, but only last year did the theater  become its own legal nonprofit organization - Heritage Stage Theater. We have decided to keep all that is great in Russian theater, while introducing a bit of modern attitude. This year, we have three groups of artists, from 6 to 18 years old. And we are delighted to see that our common goal is becoming so popular. Our doors are always open to actors and their parents, audiences, guests and volunteers! Welcome!

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